We like art. And parties. And art parties.


Eat More Art Out Productions is dedicated to hosting themed, art centric events that allow you to enjoy not just the art on the walls but the atmosphere surrounding it.
Our motto: Grab a beer and tell your inner critic to relax. It's just art...

EMAO is the sweet and savory collaboration of former derby girls Jane Dope, Sleazy Bake Oven and Hussy Whipped. After sharing playful hip checks and comically threatening glares in their local roller derby league, these lovable ladies quickly bonded over a mutual adoration of all things artsy, odd and beautiful. The trio has worked together the past six years to bring Jane Dope's annual Eat Your Art Out art auction fundraiser to unprecedented success and now they're super excited to take their skills off the track and host their very own themed group art shows. Happily exchanging the rosy rink rash and stinky skate gear for artist wrangling and gallery receptions, they are focussed on bringing together an exceptional variety and quality of art presented in an unforgettably fun atmosphere. Look out for these girls because, in simple terms, Eat More Art Out Productions is going to be throwing some truly awesome art parties!


Art shows are fun!
— Us.