Miles Kinghorn

By Miles Kinghorn: While some would say my inability to settle on a single medium would be evidence of larger commitment issues, I prefer to think of it as "I just like a lot of different things." Having grown up drawing, and then transitioning to film and photography as I went on to college, I've always been interested in different styles and techniques; every medium provides its own advantages and drawbacks, and it's fun to play in those sandboxes.

After being raised in Texas and subsequently attending college there, I moved out to Los Angeles in 2002. I bounced around the design and music video worlds for awhile, working on other peoples' projects while still carving out time to develop my own work. Eventually, I landed at a motion graphics shop that lets me indulge my various artistic interests; depending on the project, I might be shooting stills, building models, or doing good old-fashioned computer animation. My professional work has informed and accentuated my personal projects, and I can look back through the years and still be instantly reminded of what I was both thinking of and working on at the time I created each piece. Whether it be the clean, modern lines of poster design or the more whimsical series of portraits of friends and family, it's important to me that I can trace my influences and personality through my different undertakings. The result is a body of work that is both fragmented and unified, different yet alike; in short, it's as varied as I am.


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