Ken Christiansen

Before graduating Cornish College of the Arts in 1997, Ken started an internship with Big Bang Software, which was later absorbed into Nintendo Software Technology, in 1999.  From there, Ken moved to Los Angeles to work for Disney Interactive, at the end of 2000.  Parting ways with Disney in 2004, Ken started Bad Flip Productions, continuing work as a conceptual designer and graphic novel artist in the Los Angeles area.

Involved with all facets of pre-production, including writing, brainstorming, and artwork.  he's experienced working with teams, running teams, or alone as an individual.  Credits on over thirty-five published titles, from Nintendo and Disney, with other clients that include Activision, Hasbro, Universal, Warner Bros., and others.

Current Projects include contributions to the Transformers: the Covenant of Primus, IDW's Transformers : Prime series, and toy development for Hasbro brands, including Transformers, Star Wars, and more... 


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