Q: Are Jane Dope, Sleazy Bake Oven and Hussy Whipped really your real names?

A: We wish!  One of the many fun bits about playing roller derby is that you get to choose clever names for your badass alter ego. Though we no longer play competitively, we decide to keep our names, especially since that's how this loveliness all began.

Q: I have some ideas for your next Eat More Art Out theme!

A: Well, that's not really a question, but let's hear it! We're always brainstorming about new themes and ideas for future shows. Feel free to share your thoughts by emailing us at emaoproductions@gmail.com

Q: Wow! Your next group art show sounds awesome!! Can I submit a piece of artwork?

A: Maybe! Our shows often have limited wall space that quickly gets filled with our veteran artists. However, we do save some spots for new artists. Send us a link to your work at emaoproductions@gmail.com and we'll definitely keep you in mind for future shows! 

Q: I've been wanting to do a solo show of my personal works. Are you ladies available for hire?


Q: You gals are just so amazing! How do you do it?!



A: Absolutely we are! Send us an email at emaoproductions@gmail.com. We'll schedule an ice cream date and chat about your ideas!


A: Well aren't you just a peach! It ain't easy, but someone's got to do it! We're willing to bet you're pretty amazing, too. Go us!