Ale Giorgini

Ale Giorgini is an italian based artist working for several brands (Foot Locker, MTV, Warner Bros., Vibe Magazine, Emirates, Sony Pictures, Kinder Ferrero, Virgin Atlantic, G+J/Mondadori, Gruppo L’Espresso, Saldapress). He has four monthly comics on italian magazine/comic book: La Repubblica XL, Focus Junior, Focus Wild and Kirkman's The Walking Dead. He's was the "on air cartoonist" on the last season of italian MTV's "Loveline" tv show. Ale's had shows and performances all around the world (Milan, San Diego, New York, Sidney, Rome, Florence, Naples, Los Angeles, San Francisco) and his artworks are exhibited at Hero Complex Gallery (Los Angeles), Bottleneck Gallery (New York) and Mondopop Gallery (Rome).


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